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Learn how to take your faith-based business online without wasting time or losing your peace.

If you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, or confused about how to begin expanding your faith-based fitness business online, this course is for you. 


You've gotten the certifications, honed your skills, and learned how to help clients, but have NO idea how to move your work online to meet more customer needs. You know that there must be a better way to connect with clients virtually, but you just don't know where to begin. You have big dreams and are praying some big prayers, but you need help knowing what steps to take first. This course was created for you!

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My four year old was sitting beside me while I was listening to Lesson 2. I didn’t think he was paying attention to what I was doing. All of a sudden, he looked up at me and goes, “Mommy, I want to love people, too!”. In that moment and listening to your speak, Kara, I was reminded to just SHOW UP, BE ME, and love people well. It sounds easy every time you say it, but yet I have such a hard time with doing anything because of the fear of failing or stuck due to perfection. I can’t express enough thanks to you Kara.”


"I'm ready to start an online business ministry! Before Kara's course I was questioning if I had a place in this field. I had no knowledge of social marketing or content creation. Kara's course gave me boldness in sharing my faith as well as all the technical details of sharing online. I feel confident I have the skills now to move forward with an online business ministry. Thank you, Kara!"

  • Determined WHO you are called to serve. 

    Who has the Lord called and equipped you to best serve? Where is your mission field?
  • Determined HOW you are called to serve them. 

    What programs/products/or offerings best meet their needs, and how do you begin creating them?
  • Learned how to get your Business basics in place

    Insurance, Liability Waivers, Business formations, Accounting and more. 
  • Gained a better understanding of Branding, Social Media, Email Marketing, Lead magnets, and more.

    How to find your voice and keep your peace while still showing up on social media consistently. 
  • Learned about business basics for music licensing, video editing, selling a product online, and repurposing content. 

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 Why do I feel called to teach you?
I've been growing and leading an online faith-based business since 2014 and I know how hard it can be to get things started.

I want to teach you what I have learned along the way so that you can get going quicker and run further. My prayer is that I can help equip you with the tools that you need to serve people well and to make much of Him..all while helping you to provide for your family.  

This course is part strategy, part encouragement, part commissioning, and 100% created to get you MOVING online for His glory and the good of others!


 You know you've been called online but you aren't sure where to start.

You want to learn to take your faith based fitness/wellness content online in a way that feels sustainable and effective. 

You've got big dreams and prayers but need help getting started
 You're looking for practical, easy steps to growing your online presence

You want to help others more than build an empire. You've got a Kingdom focus for the work you do. 

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Determine WHO you're called to serve and the best ways to do so.

Learn about business basics you can put in place now (insurance, liability waivers, business formations, accounting tips, and more. 

Better understand Branding, social media, email marketing, lead magnets, and more. 

Info on music licensing, video editing and tutorials, platforms for selling products online, repurposing content, and tools to help. 

Catch the Vision, Cast the Vision
In these two modules we'll determine your ICA (Ideal Customer/Mision Field), mission and vision statements, pricing, branding, social media, email marketing, lead magnets, and content creation. 

Cornerstones for Business
In this module we'll cover basic business steps to help you get started on the right foot including: Insurance, Liability forms, Choosing a name, business formation types, accounting, taxes, certifications, and scope of practice. 

Content Creation: How & What
We'll spend time in these two modules first figuring out what type of content you can create and then we'll talk tips on how to make it easier. Equipment and Tools, music licensing, software shortcuts, video editing, digital product creation, membership site suggestions, and knowing how to price your product or program. 

Creating Culture and Community
Creating a product or program is good, but ultimately, we want to create community and relationships. Let's talk: Ultimate Hope, praying big prayers, best practices, value ladders, strategies, ideas, and commissioning prayer. 

  • Digital workbook that includes a pdf for every video and lesson!
  • Lifetime Access to all content, videos, downloads, and bonus content. 
  • 34 Video lessons that are downloadable PLUS audio files for each one
  • 26 PDF guides for each lesson

*All in an INDEPENDENT STUDY format where you get 100% access to the content whenever you choose and you keep it forever!

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More testimonials from former students: 

"This course was everything I expected and more! The amount and quality of content is worth every penny...I went from an overwhelmed beginner to learning and encouraged to take steps to walk into God's calling. I highly recommend this course no matter where you are in your journey!" Lori

"Kara will give you tools needed for beginners as well as seasons online professionals to help you grow your online business while making sure God gets the glory. I recommend this to anyone who is just starting out or who has already had an online presence for years. Her insights and knowledge and the way she presents everything is so worth it." Tina
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